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We had an Idea!

About ten years ago, El Canelo Ranch started a whitetail deer breeding program that has been combining the best south Texas genetics with many of the best genetics from throughout North America. These efforts have produced hardy whitetail deer that survive in our harsh south Texas habitat while producing antler of exceptional size and mass.

Our idea is working.

Our South Texas deer are the toughest whitetails in North America. They survive drought, hurricane, temperatures to 110 degrees in summer, winter temperatures which can fall to single digits, while the does produce and raising two healthy fawns every year. Our south Texas bucks grow a 200"+ set of antlers at 2 years old in temperatures that can be over 100 degrees in March and 110 degrees in August.

Our hardy breeding stock is exposed to an environment that includes disease-carrying insects from March through November. These animals have a natural genetic resistance to many of the diseases that affect other whitetail deer. These are the deer that will survive in breeding pens or on stocked ranches.

Thank you for your interest in our South Texas Whitetails. El Canelo Ranch is located in deep south Texas, just south of the famous King Ranch. This area of Texas is a harsh habitat that produces some of the biggest native whitetails in Texas.

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